Success story

The cooperation between DGS and Compaxo goes back a long way and is still excellent today. Both companies have grown considerably in recent years, as have the projects. Where it all started with small projects and maintenance, DGS has been able to develop and install several large projects. Due to the rapid growth, Compaxo had the need for a new carcass cell and design of the large deboning room. There was also a need for a new packing line for boxes. The solutions of DGS were the answer.

2022, Netherlands
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Rapid growth

Compaxo has been a demonstrable player in the meat processing industry for more than 125 years. With already the fifth generation at the helm, Compaxo continues to develop and grow every year. In 2020, there was therefore a need to expand their facility in Zevenaar. The wish was for a fully equipped deboning room and carcass cell, in order to increase capacity to a 100% processing capacity for boned meat. The new deboning room is equipped with three new ham deboning lines with supply conveyors from the cold store and a crate sorting line. A new packing line was also installed for packing and palletising boxes. For automated storage in the carcass cell, walking beam conveyors were installed. The carcasses are positioned with a fixed distance to prevent pressure spots.

The principles of this project were efficiency and more capacity. Menno van der Post, Director Compaxo Zevenaar: Together with DGS, we have set up the new cutting room here purely to increase our capacity. In addition, we built the carcasses room for more selection possibilities and more capacity for re-cooling.


The cooperation between DSG and Compaxo started early, over 7 years ago. DGS came to Compaxo and developed the smaller projects. From one project came another and also the annual maintenance is in the hands of DGS. Up to now we have never had any complaints about the systems of DGS. Otherwise our cooperation would not have lasted so long.

Compaxo as a family business attaches great value to transparent communication and short lines of communication, just like DGS. We speak the same language and there is a good click, resulting in a good and sustainable cooperation.



Because DGS has the right tools and experienced service technicians, the yearly maintenance is performed by DGS. Menno van der Post: ‘We can also always count on DGS for service interruptions, they are ready for us day and night. If there is an emergency someone is always sent this way. The service is simply excellent.

Looking to the future

‘A deal is a deal’ and the short lines of communication we are used to, are the main advantages of DGS, according to Menno. He sees the future positively: ‘Both companies are young entrepreneurs who speak the same language. So I think the relationship can last for a very long time.

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“We can always count on DGS. They always pick up the phone.”

Menno van der Post, Directeur Compaxo Zevenaar

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