Horizontal freezing

Efficiency is the key to maximum output. This applies not only to processing the product, but also to the preparation of the product for transport to the customer. Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand how important it is that this entire process runs as smoothly as possible. Downtime should be low and the throughput speed high. This can only be achieved when the various processes are properly synced with each other. This is how we developed our solutions for horizontal freezers. This enables you to freeze products automatically and intelligently.

After being filled into the horizontal flowpack, the product is deposited in an automatically supplied tray. From this point, the tray is passed through the horizontal freezer. With the smart supply belt, several trays are pushed into the freezer at the same time. These trays now form a layer. This layer is then cooled at high speed and pushed out of the freezer again when the next layer is ready to be frozen.

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    Tailor-made food processing solutions. That is what DGS has been standing for, for years. Have you identified process optimisations in your own process? Our specialists will listen to your wishes and needs, and then advise you on the possibilities our custom-made solutions have to offer. Would you like to freeze your products efficiently and hygienically, without having to change your entire process? Please get in touch.

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