Robot labelling

Stemming from our passion for process optimisation, we always go the extra mile for our customers. We do not only offer what you are looking for, but so much more. A good example of this are the labelling robots from our robot specials line. During each process step in which the product, carton, pallet or Dolav is weighed and scanned, a label needs to be attached to keep track of it.

Automation makes tracking and tracing easy. When the product is weighed and needs to be labelled, our labelling robot communicates with the printer and the scale. With this information, the robot is able to always stick the label at the desired height on the correct product. You are therefore entirely free to set the position of the label.

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    Robotics to optimise your process

    Innovation is necessary to stay ahead in the food processing industry. We help our customers produce and transport their products more efficiently, more carefully and more ergonomically. To this end, we have developed robot specials that take over various tasks from employees who can then assist elsewhere in the process. Are you interested in the possibilities that our innovations could offer your operation? Contact our specialists.

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