Automatic conveyor systems from DGS

Our passion for process optimisation results in various customised solutions for processes within the food processing industry. Our solutions improve efficiency, ergonomics and hygiene in the entire process. This includes our automated overhead conveyors deployable for the cold stores. These overhead conveyors offer a more efficient and ergonomic alternative to non-standardized cold store systems.

Automated tracks at DGS

  • Cold store conveyor
  • Mini conveyors
  • Motion conveyors
  • Overhead conveyors

Integration with warehousing software

Besides automating the process of transporting the carcass, a fully automated hanging conveyor offers more: integration with warehousing software, for instance. After scanning and weighing the product, the data can be used to take the product out of the cold store at the optimal moment. Completely automatically. To enable this, we offer Twaka software, however, it is also possible to integrate it into your own warehouse management software.

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    Refrigeration solutions of DGS

    The cooling of products is an important part of the food processing process.  DGS solutions help you with this. Would you like more insight into the quality of your cold store processes? Then contact our specialists to discuss the possibilities for a total solution.

    • Win-win situation
    • Full automation
    • Data-driven cooling
    Refrigeration solutions