DGS buffer conveyors

At DGS we understand like no other how many processes are involved in food processing plants. This is why DGS offers many different conveyor systems to optimise these processes wherever possible. Buffer conveyors are also indispensable for the processes in cold stores. To this end, we construct supporting conveyor systems in close cooperation with our customers.

Our passion for process optimisation is reflected in the many customer-specific solutions we offer. Do you need an automated overhead conveyor system, supply or discharge conveyors, rapid cooling or the standard push conveyor solution? At DGS we proactively think along with you to ensure your operation becomes as flexible, ergonomic and efficient as possible.

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    Cold storage optimization through buffer conveyors

    The cooling process is a crucial step in the meat processing industry. Do you want to use a rapid cooling system for organs or carcasses? Store the meat in section cells after quartering?  Or optimise your complete cold storage process by integrating warehouse management software? At DGS, we can design a complete cooling process tailored to your needs. Please contact our specialists and enquire about the possibilities.

    • Customer specific solutions
    • Fully automated
    • Cooling with data