Practical drive races

The intention behind the optimal driving race is to ensure the animals remain calm. We do this by designing the driving race in such a way, that the animals walk the race motivated by a natural drive. As a result, they calmly walk to the stun box fully relaxed. We do this to ensure the best possible quality of the meat.

Stemming from our passion and experience for process optimization, we gladly help in formulating a solution for the most practical routing from the stables to the stun box. We happily advise on matters such as the layout and mapping of the driving race. On this route, we construct a high quality driving race corridor that encourages the animals to leave the stables, driven by a natural curiosity. From the stables they walk to the stun box, through the races with tall walls on either side to prevent distractions.  The additional advantage is that the noise pollution is reduced, resulting in a more pleasant working environment. In addition to the safe design of the driving race, we also equip slaughterhouses with other safety systems to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly or so that the process can be interrupted in the event of an emergency.

When the animals reach the last position before the stun box, a pusher is installed that pushes the animals into the box, one by one. This way, the animals are presented individually for easy stunning in an animal-friendly manner.

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    Process optimisation with limited downtime

    Our stable facilities are designed to put animals at ease, while our systems and concepts are designed to make the processing as efficient as possible. Our customised solutions are the product of short lines of communication and clear agreements between parties. This enables us to integrate our systems, facilities and solutions with existing processes flawlessly and flexibly, with minimal downtime.

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    • Efficient
    • Ergonomic

    Service by DGS

    Maintaining your machines and systems is crucial for a streamlined process. That is why we provide not only tailor-made systems, but also the proper service required. At DGS, we ensure that your systems are maintained properly and efficiently. Does a component need to be replaced or has an unexpected malfunction occurred? Then our specialists have the knowledge and skills to get your operations up and running again as soon as possible. In addition, our experts also offer remote assistance and will gladly draw up a maintenance plan together with you to avoid unforseen maintenance costs.

    • Maintenance and repairs
    • On-site and remote service
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