Empty hook systems

At DGS, we understand that food processing operations are continuous. We also identify that conveyors and hooks are indispensable. Therefore, it is important that your operation has an empty hook return system that uses the optimal route. For both empty leg chains and slaughter hooks, DGS empty hook return systems contribute to the efficiency of your process.

Benefits of an optimized empty hook return system

  • FTE saving
  • Hooks always available
  • PLC software integrated, so the speed and position of the hooks can be controlled remotely
  • Offers flexibility for production planning

Regardless of the type of rails or the length of the track, our return transport system is completely customised to your process. DGS’ empty hook transport systems enable more precise transport and storage of empty hooks. The systems can be adapted to all types of meat hooks.

Personal advice

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    Empty hook systems enable speed

    Our working method for the installation of empty hook systems for leg chains or slaughter hooks is characterised by clear communication. Our specialists are happy to sit down with you to see how we can best implement the circuit in your slaughter process. We automate your operation with our tailor-made solutions. Please contact our specialists, they will be happy to give you sound advice and help you further improve your abattoir.

    • Efficient slaughtering
    • Durable
    • Robust
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