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At DGS, we add value, by improving your process through higher efficiency and a better yield per carcass. Stemming from this dedication for optimization, our years of experience and knowledge have led us to understand that there is a profit to be made in the fifth quarter. That is why at DGS we have developed systems to assist increasing profits in this quarter. These systems include our hide lasers.

Hide lasering for luxury goods is a promising sector. It is also a sector that can be easily served by the tailor-made solutions from DGS. We have already completed numerous projects that have integrated hide lasers into the process.

The hides are hung on a conveyor, which uses micro-chipped hooks to bring them to the hide spreader. The hide spreader presses the hide tightly against the casing. Now the hide can be lasered and brought to the following conveyor belt along with the chipped hook. This way, you always know which hide was put on which conveyor and in which container.

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    Hide lasering for maximum yield

    Efficiency and ergonomics through automation, that is what we stand for. The result of this passion for process optimisation? Reduced downtime in the operation, more capacity and an automated process. Do you want to get the most out of your process? Then contact our specialists.

    • Automated process
    • Process optimisation
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    • Reduced downtime

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