Weighing and scanning meat

Weighing the carcass is fundamental in the slaughtering process. In addition, scanning ear tags offers various possibilities for tracking and tracing your product. The weighing and scanning solutions of DGS are excellent for capturing the data per carcass. Based on this data, calculations can be made and process optimizations can be identified.

Weighing during the slaughtering process

With the tailor-made weighing solutions by DGS, weighing of the carcasses is integrated with all of the other systems. This provides you with insights into the bleeding and processing of your product.

Weighing in the cold store

During chilling it is important to weigh and measure the meat often. With the weighing and scanning systems from DGS you can measure the degree of dehydration and weight loss.

Weighing after the deboning chamber

When the raw meat arrives on the infeed conveyor, you are able to know exactly from which animal the meat is and how much it should weigh. From this you can anticipate the yield. Is the yield disappointing? Then you’re able to find out how this is possible and whether it can be prevented in future.

Improve traceability

Scanning provides data and data provides insight. That is why DGS not only supplies weighing solutions but also scanning systems. At DGS we supply barcode and label printers, scanners and chip readers. In addition, with our MES and ERP software from TwaKa we can set up a personalised dashboard for your abattoir. This allows you to view the recorded data. Our systems contribute to facilitating data collection.

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    Automated data collection with DGS

    Weighing and scanning within the food processing industry is pivotal. It facilitates the inspection per carcass and the delivery to the supplier, to name a few examples. Through frequent weighing and scanning, it is also possible to identify processes that reduce margins. Do you have any questions about our weighing and scanning solutions? Then please contact our specialists. They will be happy to provide you with sound advice.

    • Data collection
    • Easy integration into existing processes
    • Accurate pre-calculation
    • Data-driven sales

    Service by DGS

    Maintaining your machines and systems is crucial for a streamlined process. That is why we provide not only tailor-made systems, but also the proper service required. At DGS, we ensure that your systems are maintained properly and efficiently. Does a component need to be replaced or has an unexpected malfunction occurred? Then our specialists have the knowledge and skills to get your operations up and running again as soon as possible. In addition, our experts also offer remote assistance and will gladly draw up a maintenance plan together with you to avoid unforseen maintenance costs.

    • Maintenance and repairs
    • On-site and remote service
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