DGS and our CO2 Footprint

Jul 7, 2022

In recent years, environmentally conscious entrepreneurship has become increasingly important. Large companies play a major role in this and are increasingly taking steps that have a positive impact on the environment. Reducing CO2 emissions is key to this. At DGS we have been aware of the importance of the reduction of CO2 emissions since day one. Where many companies are only now looking for ways to reduce CO2 emissions, DGS has already taken these steps and is already looking further into the future. At DGS we strive to contribute to a sustainable world.

From day one the founders of DGS have been actively looking for suppliers and partners in the region to avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions. So much so that several suppliers can even be reached on foot. Besides partners and suppliers, DGS is also strongly oriented towards staff hailing from the region, without discriminating. Whenever we do outsource, we outsource within Haaksbergen and the surrounding area. All these small actions together make a big, positive difference.

DGS purposely hasn’t opened production locations in China, India, Brazil, Czech Republic or elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Everything comes from Haaksbergen and the surrounding area. We also have a strong focus on a Western European clientele. We actively supply them with beautiful, high-quality products. However, when it comes to customers that are located further away, we only serve them if the added CO2 emissions emitted through travel, can be justified. For example, through joint delivery with several suppliers in our region. We also focus on abattoirs with a capacity that suits a local character. We do not participate in mass production plants where animals have to come from far and wide to fill the production.

Apart from our own actions, we also help our customers to do business in a sustainable way. At DGS we develop software that allows customers to calculate the CO2 emissions for producing a piece of meat. We feel that this is information consumers are entitled to. We also spar with stakeholders on a daily basis to enable our customers are able to produce quality meat, in the broadest sense of the word. At DGS we go for the highest quality, whilst keeping the rest in moderation, especially CO2 emissions. In order to do so, we’re continuously developing our production, our business and our practices to achieve a better and more sustainable future together.

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