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In addition to custom systems that facilitate your food processing, we also provide our services to experts in the food industry. After all, a good system and optimised process is one thing, but you want your processes to run smoothly at all times and to continue to do so. That is why you can rely on the expertise of our specialists.

We ensure that your systems are maintained properly and efficiently. Does a component need to be replaced? Then our specialists have the right technical knowledge and skills to get your operation running again quickly. In addition, you are always assured of the latest updates and remote assistance in the unlikely event of a failure. We offer support to get the most of your DGS custom solutions through these services:

Emergency service

In case of emergency, reach us at +31 (0)85 0299458

For less pressing matters, contact us at service@dgs-ps.nl

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Maintenance & support

Maintaining your systems is important to keep your processes running optimally, now and in the future. That is why DGS is always at your service to carry out maintenance on a regular basis.

DGS has experienced engineers with the right technical knowledge to prevent wear and tear of your production equipment and, if necessary, to replace parts in a fast and efficient way. For example, we offer a multi-year contract. This stipulates we carry out periodic follow-ups based on the historical data. This results in prompt and effective maintenance. Our technicians are always up to date with the latest technical developments. So you are assured of the best maintenance and support.

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Do your existing systems no longer meet your requirements? Are you looking to work more efficiently, hygienically, and ergonomically, but is it too expensive for you to have a completely new system installed? DGS offers several possibilities to upgrade your systems. These upgrades are not only implemented on DGS systems but also on third party systems.

Moreover, we provide retrofits. With retrofits we ensure that installations keep running even when critical parts are unavailable. In that case, DGS will take care of replacing the parts so that the installation can keep running for years.

We proactively think along with you in order to make your process run smoothly again. Together we’ll look at the possibilities to replace or adjust the installation, or integrate our solutions in your existing process.

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Emergency & Remote support

Has your process been brought to a standstill by a malfunction or breakdown? DGS is always there for you to get your systems running again as soon as possible. As a result, the interruption to your production would be as short as possible.

Our technicians are able to quickly and efficiently locate the defect. They’ll solve the problem for you as quickly as possible. In order to do so, they are brought on site or assist you remotely with camera support. We are always available to consult you about the required parts and services, so you won’t be faced with surprises. If you would like a written agreement for assurance, we could include this in the service contract so that you know exactly what you can expect from us.

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Spare parts

When parts of your systems are in need of replacement, DGS is here to help. We have the right parts in house to make sure your installation functions properly again. If requested, we could also install them for you.

In addition, when you purchase a system, we offer a package with recommended spare parts. This way, you only invest in what you actually need and minimise downtime as much as possible. It is also possible to periodically check our stock for current spare parts and to provide subsequent advice, should you be interested.

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Preventive maintenance

Looking to prevent spontaneous maintenance costs and work? DGS is happy to draw up a maintenance plan with you to perform preventive maintenance on a periodic basis. This way you avoid breakdowns and interruptions within operation.

Our mechanics carry out maintenance in such a way that it fits your production planning. With a maintenance plan, you’re guaranteed the reliability of your systems and the extend lifespan of your machines. We are happy to discuss all the options with you.

On request, we can also closely monitor (parts of) the system and inform you about expected maintenance. In doing so, we can work out the optimal timing for maintenance and component replacement, thus saving you even more money.

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Consultancy & training

Our engineers and specialists are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in the field of technical processes. If requested, they could advise you on how to optimise your processes. This can be done through an advisory report, but also through training sessions. Our consultants are happy to visit you

Together, we look at the current operation and how we can optimise the efficiency, hygiene and ergonomics within it. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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