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Oversee your entire internal logistic process with the produciton software from TwaKa. TwaKa, member of DGS Group, has developed various software packages for both abattoirs and processing plants within the food industry. The TwaKa MES software is the perfect bridge between process information systems, and financial and administrative systems. In other words, the most optimal way of monitoring production and adjusting parameters in the process when necessary.

The production control system is characterised by the software modules and hardware solutions that enable data tracking, weighing, labelling and scanning of products, crates, cartons and pallets. MES functionalities include order management, recipes, tracking and tracing, quality records, production planning, warehousing, and weighing and labelling. MES is also as a basis to take data-driven decisions on which the systems automatically act upon.

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    Tailor-made MES Software

    Different companies have different wishes and needs. The understanding we have of the food processing industry shines through in our software packages. All our software solutions are tailor-made to your needs. The various functionalities of our MES software include, for example, weighing, scanning and labelling of pallets, cartons or products, and the processing of transport orders for the PLC layer.

    Are you interested in high-quality MES software, but do not currently use DGS systems in your operation? That is not a problem. Our MES software can communicate flawlessly with all kinds of systems in the PLC layer through OPC/UA communication. Vice versa, it is also possible to let DGS systems in the PLC layer communicate with MES software of your choice.

    • Customised solutions for your process
    • Integratable with various systems
    • After-sales service
    • Always up-to-date
    • Remote support

    Software packages by DGS

    The automation and control of your process takes place in three layers. TwaKa’ MES software is the most practical system for the production control layer. In addition, you can optimise your processes with the ERP and PLC software from DGS. Are you ready for an optimal process with clear reports? Please contact our specialists.