PLC Software

Controlling the systems is done with the line control software of your operation. Optimise by using our PLC software. This software controls your conveyor systems, robotics and other hardware to make the process run smoothly. Setting the parameters and adjusting them on a product-specific level can be done both on-site and remotely. Our PLC software drives three different facets of the operation: electrical installation, operating system and HMI software.

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We design and build the electrical installations, operating system, control panels and the PLC configurations ourselves. From concept to technical design to complete solution.

PLC systems

We supply all the necessary PLC hardware and software for a PLC operating system. This can be a stand-alone solution to control a machine, but also to operate a large and complex project involving a network ofmultiple PLCs and remote I/O solutions. Our hardware engineers develop the PLC hardware configuration, taking into account the ease of maintenance and the lowest possible cabling costs, among other things. Our software engineers develop both the standard modules and the project-specific solutions that are built based on these standard modules.

In addition to controlling the entire PLC layer, we also supply communication software so that the PLC can interact with the MES layer. With OPC/UA as the communication medium, the various layers interface with each other flawlessly.


Via the HMI you can edit settings and parameters of the systems. It can also be used to obtain status information and to issue start and stop commands. An HMI is often used in combination with push buttons and signal lamps. This makes it easier to visualise data, influence systems and display alarms.

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    Tailored PLC Software

    There are many facets to setting up a PLC layer. Among these facets are customised packages that ensure that our software fits your process as well as possible.

    • Customised solutions for your process
    • Integratable with various systems
    • After-sales service
    • Always up-to-date
    • Remote parameter adjustment and production tracking
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    Automation software from DGS

    The automation and control of your process takes place in three different layers: line, production and business control. In this respect, the PLC software from DGS is the most practical system for the line control layer. In addition, you can optimise your processes with the ERP and MES software from DGS. Are you ready for software that makes your process run flawlessly with room for flexibility? Please contact our specialists.