Chilling and freezing at DGS

After processing and packaging the products, the next step in the process is cooling and/or freezing the products. At DGS, we understand like no other how important a gradual and complete freezing process is for the preservation of the product. Based on this understanding, we have mapped the entire process in order to optimise key points.

Our process optimisations for cooling and freezing products involve pallet freezing and carton freezing of fresh meat. With our racks and software, we have developed systems that manage this process and automatically and flawlessly. This enables you to save time and FTEs, as well as limit the downtime in your refrigeration and freezing units.

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    Chilling and freezing

    Cooling and freezing are hot

    Our customers can expect a goal-oriented approach from us. A way of working that uses short, punctual and clear communication, flexibility and is always operation-specific. This enables us to find the answers to your automation issues. In need of optimisation in your chilling and freezing processes? Get in touch with our specialists today.

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