Higher productivity with DGS Pick & Place robots

Automating monotonous operations within your production process immediately saves you a lot of time and money. The Pick & Place robot from DGS is capable of sorting and moving packed products on a continuous basis. This not only leads to increased productivity, but also saves costs by reducing labour requirements. The Pick & Place robot is a smart investment that quickly pays for itself while improving the quality of your production process through a higher degree of accuracy and flexibility.

As standard, our Pick & Place robots are equipped with vision camera techniques to determine product positioning. The camera recognises the product and transmits the exact position to the robot, allowing it to act accurately. This increases the efficiency of the production process and reduces the need for manual intervention in case of error messages.

The Pick & Place robot is suitable for loading packed products in boxes and/or crates. It can also be used for sorting and moving vacuum bags. Depending on your product, a product-specific gripper or vacuum technology is used.

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    Automated process

    Of course, we understand that the Pick & Place robot is a small part of your entire process. Fortunately, at DGS we can also fully automate the feeding and finishing process, without you having to look for another party. We offer logistics solutions such as conveyor belts and crate/box lifts that ensure a smooth supply of products. A combination with a box erector is also possible, making the supply of boxes fully automatic. You can also optimise finishing by having operations such as metal detection and the closing, strapping and weighing of the boxes carried out automatically.

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    Twaka Software

    To offer our customers even more convenience, expansion with our Twaka software package is possible. Automatic labelling of boxes and crates ensures product traceability within the production process and enables faster identification and resolution of problems. In addition, a data-driven approach contributes to food safety which reduces the risk of recalls. Weighing of products and entire pallets is also possible with Twaka.

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    At DGS we supply complete lines, from internal logistics and packaging machines to palletising robots and storage systems. There is no need to look for several partners since we can provide everything for you. We gladly take care of the total integration of your optimised production process. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities or personal advice.

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