About DGS

DGS stands for passion. Passion for efficiency and passion for the food industry. We are always looking for optimization possibilities and help our customers execute their processes in an efficient way. Due to our extensive technical knowledge and years of experience, we understand your issues like no other and know how to convert them into proper solutions.

At DGS we offer our customers systems and machines for the safe and efficient production of foodstuffs, resulting in a high-quality product. In addition, we also provide the necessary software and services to take the production lines to an even higher level.

Our working method revolves around clear agreements, short lines of communication and personal involvement. We believe in sustainable partnerships and are convinced that we can achieve more by working together. Why make things difficult when they can be done together?

We design, manufacture, install and maintain innovative systems and lines with a high degree of automation. We keep innovating and growing, so we can develop the best solutions for you.

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Passion for the food industry

The food industry is constantly changing. The diversity of products is increasing, the complexity of production chains is growing and maintaining quality, and food safety poses different, varied challenges. At DGS, we evolve together with these developments. Our passion for the food industry and the related trends haveresulted in us not only working in the meat processing industry, but also in other branches such as vega, convenience and dairy. Here, we can express our passion even more and continue to develop solutions to fit each individual operation.

Passion for entrepreneurship

The origin of DGS goes back many years, starting with three driven, ambitious entrepreneurs. They all shared the same vision: to contribute to efficient food production by taking the hassle out of the hands of abattoirs and production plants. We support our customers from A to Z and develop systems for various processes within the food industry. To this day, we still work according to that same vision, with the same passion for entrepreneurship.

Passion for innovation

Innovation is key to achieving efficiency in the food industry. We strive for progress every day and are always looking for improvements. Both within our company and in our solutions. By using robotisation, vision techniques and software, we develop the production lines of the future. Our passion for innovation brings a lot of creativity and ideas, which regularly result in groundbreaking solutions. The possibilities within the food industry are endless, which is why we need to explore them with enthusiasm every day.

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Passion for sustainability

Taking care of the planet through sustainable business. That is something that DGS has been striving for since day one. We take actions to reduce CO2 emissions, develop systems to prevent food waste and contribute to the efficient use of scarce resources. At DGS, we know that even the smallest changes can make a big difference. Our systems are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment without affectingproduction output. At the same time, we work with local partners and suppliers, actively contributing to the community and are proud to say that our solutions lead to positive change. After all, our passion is not only to develop efficient solutions, but also sustainable solutions.

Passion for growth

Over the past few years, DGS has grown tremendously and has proven itself within the food industry. We are proud of our team and the projects we have completed. With more than 120 employees, projects throughout Europe and systems for various sectors, we continue to grow. We never sit still and keep looking for new ways to innovate. Because not only DGS has grown, our passion and ambition to contribute to efficient, reliable and sustainable food production has grown too.