Pork processing

DGS is known for the high quality of our custom solutions for the pork processing industry. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise in the field of meat processing, we know better than anyone how to optimise your processes on an operation-specific level. We would be happy to look at the processes within your pork abattoirand see what improvements can be made. After all, the highest possible yield per animal is the main target, while keeping the slaughter process as animal-friendly, efficient and ergonomic as possible, right?

  • Efficient custom solutions
  • Highly hygienic meat processing systems
  • Short lines of communication and long-term cooperation

We enjoy actively thinking along the lines of your operation to identify key points of optimization. We offermany different tailor-made systems to ensure that your processes run as smoothly as possible. For the processing of pork, you can think of efficient stall equipment, the dirty and clean slaughter line, closed transport systems, cold stores and deboning. We can also provide solutions for internal logistics, packaging lines, freezing and cooling systems, pick & place and warehousing.

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    Solutions for pork processing

    Pork processing requires a completely different method than beef or chicken processing. Our specialists know how to help you optimise your specific operations within pork processing. All our systems are tailored to your needs. This enables you to efficiently deliver a high-quality final product.

    • Animal-friendly slaughter
    • Ergonomic working environment
    • High-quality meat
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    Pork success cases

    Dsc 8852 Scaled

    Compaxo Zevenaar

    The cooperation between DGS and Compaxo goes back a long way and is still excellent today. Both companies have grown considerably in recent years, as have the projects. Where it all started with small projects and maintenance, DGS has been able to develop and install several large projects. Due to the rapid growth, Compaxo had the need for a new carcass cell and design of the large deboning room. There was also a need for a new packing line for boxes. The solutions of DGS were the answer.

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