Sanitation and Hygiene

At DGS, we understand with our years of experience: the cleaner the slaughter process, the better the meat quality. Based on this belief, we’ve developed tailor-made solutions for the entire food processing line that can guarantee hygiene.

We offer our customers sanitation systems to make thorough cleaning of the machines and equipment easy. For example, we have sterilisers that clean the knives after slaughtering and various closed transport systems that automatically remove waste from the slaughtering process through pipes and deposit it directly in waste containers. We also build sanitation into our conveyor solutions; cleaning systems, organ hook disinfection and conveyor belt cleaning. All our systems are designed to prevent cross-contamination during the slaughter process.

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    Installing sanitation stations

    At DGS we identify ergonomics, efficiency, hygiene and animal friendliness as cornerstones of food processing. In case you have identified any improvements that can be made to your operation in regard to sanitation and hygene, get in touch with our specialist. Together, we can provide your abattoir with customised solutions that keep the entire process clean, allowing you to properly safeguard the quality of the meat.

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