Plate freezing systems at DGS

At DGS we have a passion for efficiency. We provide our customers with this efficiency by developing tailor-made solutions for every step along the food processing operation. We have also developed various systems for plate freezing, for example. By automating, we improve the hygiene of the process.

We deliver high quality solutions for freezing meat in blocks. Are you looking for vertical freezing systems or does horizontal freezing with a rapid-freeze paternoster fit your operation better? We can provide you advanced technology for plate freezing.

We also supply systems that use various techniques to fill the product in the plate freezer. This eliminates manual work, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate process. After filling, our innovative robotics enable you to saw the layers to the right size and palletise them automatically. Are you interested in the advantages that DGS solutions offer your plate freezing process? View the detail pages below for more information per solution.

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    Plate freezing systems

    Freeze your products with DGS systems

    Plate freezing has many advantages in food processing. You can palletise the frozen blocks more easily. Automating this process offers additional advantages. From optimisation in efficiency and labour savings to a more hygienic process. Our working method has proven time and again to be able to produce high-quality custom systems. Do you want to optimise your plate freezing processes or do you see opportunities for optimising your overall operation? Then please get in touch with our specialists.