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The result of our years of experience and knowledge in the food processing industry, DGS has become a specialist in supplying complete solutions for companies within various sectors. We don’t just look to offer you optimization on your primary processes, we also actively think along with you about the possible integration of additional systems.

The additional systems of DGS facilitate the secondary processes of food processing. Solutions such as blowing systems and vacuum systems for internal transport, blood and waste chutes, silos and accessories, and the option for hide laser technology. Click on the subjects you are interested in below or contact our specialists for tailored advice.

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    Optimal secondary processes

    At DGS, we think along with you in order to solve automation issues. We work with short lines of communication and clear agreements, enabling us to provide you with sound advice and insights. This, in turn, enables you to make your business processes even more efficient. We look at the bigger picture and identify opportunities for improving various aspects:

    • Efficiency
    • Cleanliness
    • Ergonomics
    • Added value by-products
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    Service by DGS

    Maintaining your machines and systems is crucial for a streamlined process. That is why we provide not only tailor-made systems, but also the proper service required. At DGS, we ensure that your systems are maintained properly and efficiently. Does a component need to be replaced or has an unexpected malfunction occurred? Then our specialists have the knowledge and skills to get your operations up and running again as soon as possible. In addition, our experts also offer remote assistance and will gladly draw up a maintenance plan together with you to avoid unforseen maintenance costs.

    • Maintenance and repairs
    • On-site and remote service
    Service DGS