In collaboration with our customers, DGS streamlines slaughter processes by optimising various factors. One of these factors is the efficiency of the employees. Although the speed of the process is increased by automation, it is also important that the employee can physically handle the work for a longer period of time. Based on this conviction, we at DGS have developed ergonomic platforms. This allows the employees to work faster, easier dan more accurately.

The lengths of carcasses vary, resulting in the work needing to be carried out at different heights. The DGS platforms have been developed to compensate for this difference in length. The employee easily determines the position of the platform in order to do the job in the best possible way.

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    Efficiency requires ergonomics

    Ergonomics, efficiency, animal welfare and hygiene are incredibly important parts of the slaughter process. Therefore, our systems have been developed so they practice what we preach. Have you identified opportunities for optimization in your process, allowing personnel to work more ergonomically using DGS platforms, for example? Then contact our specialists. They can advise you on process improvement and how the incorporation of ergonomic platforms can benefit your slaughtering process.

    • Ergonomic work environment
    • Process optimisation
    • Efficiency
    • Robust working platforms