Expedition and loading at DGS

At the end of the slaughter process, the final products are chilled, weighed, scanned and loaded. In order to streamline this process, we have developed tailor-made solutions for automating the expedition and loading of the products.

DGS provides complete solutions for customers who want to make their process as efficient and ergonomic as possible. These solutions also apply to all steps of the loading process. For example, we supply conveyor systems that deliver the processed products to the packing and freezing process or transport complete quarters to the loading area. When they are ready for loading, they are weighed again, scanned and moved to the shipping dock. To facilitate the loading of lorries, we offer one, three or five position changeovers to ensure that the loading conveyor connects faultlessly with the lanes in the lorries.

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    Optimal warehouse layout by DGS

    Our customers are acquainted with our way of working: clear communication using short lines and agreements that are delivered upon. Using this approach, we provide solutions for customers in the food processing industry. Our expedition equipment and loading technology ensure that your expedition is driven for results, efficient and ergonomic.

    • Ergonomic
    • Optimal design
    • In compliance with regulations
    • Efficient
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