DGS stun boxes

A crucial part of animal-friendly slaughtering is the stunning of the animal before it is processed. Both the stunning and the driving races of DGS are based on practical experience, with respect for animal welfare. The animal is calmly restrained by the head fixation unit. This allows the operator to accurately stun the animal with the firing pin or the pneumatic shooting mask. The head fixation unit ensures that the operator can easily approach the animal from both the front and the side. Our stun box solutions are ergonomically designed to allow left and right hand anaesthesia to be administered.

Pneumatically operated stun boxes

This version uses air pressure techniques to operate the runner, doors and head fixation unit. Compared to the ‘standard’ electric version, the pneumatic stun box has some added benefits. This version is faster than the electric cage, partly due to the flexibility that the pneumatic cage gives in adjusting to the animal’s proportions. Moreover, the pneumatic box is more ergonomic because the air pressure is directed outwardly. Not only is this reduced noise more pleasant for the operators, but also for the animals.

Electronically operated stun boxes

The standard version of our stun boxes. Our electrically operated stun boxes are a good step towards process optimisation when it comes to stunning. Efficient, adjustable and with perfect head fixation. The electric versions of our stun cages have been developed to ensure that the animals can be stunned with animal welfare in mind. The choice between an electrically operated stunner and a pneumatically operated stunner is made based on which version best suits your operation.

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    Animal-friendly stunning for ethical slaughter

    To ensure quality abattoirs, DGS supplies BSI-certified stun boxes. For other tailor made solutions within the slaughter process you can also contact DGS. Our specialists will gladly discuss the possibilities with you. We can supply stun boxes that take into account the wishes and needs for both kosher and halal slaughtering. Are you ready to take the step towards process optimisation? Please contact us.

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    Verdoofkooi kalf DGS
    Verdoofkooi kalf DGS
    Stunningbox DGS
    Verdoofkooi kalf DGS
    Stunningbox DGS

    Service by DGS

    Maintaining your machines and systems is crucial for a streamlined process. That is why we provide not only tailor-made systems, but also the proper service required. At DGS, we ensure that your systems are maintained properly and efficiently. Does a component need to be replaced or has an unexpected malfunction occurred? Then our specialists have the knowledge and skills to get your operations up and running again as soon as possible. In addition, our experts also offer remote assistance and will gladly draw up a maintenance plan together with you to avoid unforseen maintenance costs.

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