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At DGS, we develop complete solutions to make customers’ processes better on all fronts. Part of these solutions is to provide additional systems that improve the hygiene of the process. DGS supplies enclosed pipelines for the movement of products through the company. Whether it is a product which is ready for transport or the removal of production waste, DGS has systems which take care of the transport of these products hygienically, quickly and easily.

Vacuum systems

Our vacuum systems suck the products through a long pipe to the destination. Place the products in the hopper and have them sucked away automatically or at the push of a button. Easy and hygienic.

Blowing systems

DGS blowing systems are excellent for moving, for example, cattle hides, pig bristles or abattoir waste. Because the waste is immediately removed from the production area, internal transport and cleaning costs are reduced. DGS also offers the option of supplying blowing systems with heated installation.

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    Pipe transport by DGS

    The customer-oriented approach of DGS is ideal for companies in the food processing industry. Our easily integrated solutions are the result of the close cooperation. Your wishes and requirements are listened to and acted upon, which allows us to make clear agreements. Our team works with short lines of communication to develop, build and implement your custom solution.

    • Hygienic working environment
    • Waste is immediately removed from the processing area
    • Less internal transport and cleaning costs
    • Ergonomic

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