Veal processing

DGS delivers tailor-made solutions – also for experts in the veal processing industry. Veal slaughtering is a specialist trade where innovation and efficiency are very important. That is why DGS actively thinks along with veal abattoirs on how they can optimally set up their processes and maintain productivity. Because who doesn’t like saving costs, higher efficiency and a hygienic and ergonomic working environment? As specialist in developing veal abattoir solutions, you can be assured of:

  • Efficient tailor-made solutions
  • Hygienic meat processing systems
  • Short lines of communication and long-term cooperation

We believe it is important to optimise your processes wherever possible. That is why we listen carefully to what is important to you during the slaughter and processing process. Based on this belief, we gladly advise you on the best solutions and are happy to develop these for your specific operation. For example, we can optimise the layout of your stables, clean and dirty slaughter lines, refrigeration systems, deboning halls, as well as your internal logistics, packaging systems, freezing systems, palletising and de-palletising, warehouse storage and robotisation.

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    Solutions for veal processing

    Efficiency is of paramount importance to us. All our tailor-made systems are aimed at making your processes as efficient and effective as possible. Automation of these processes plays a major role in this. Curious about all the possibilities for improving the veal? Then contact our specialists. They have all the knowledge you need and are happy to help.

    • Animal-friendly slaughter
    • Ergonomic working environment
    • High-quality meat
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