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Make your entire business transparent with TwaKa software. TwaKa offers ERP software that monitors all your business processes. This makes tracking and reporting of production, orders, purchasing and sales easier. These packages are seamlessly integrated with DGS systems. However, it is also possible to integrate TwaKa’s ERP packages with third-party systems. Our software for your tailored systems.

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    Tailor-made ERP software

    At DGS, we understand like no other how diverse production and logistics processes can be. No two companies are the same. That is why we like to work closely with our clients, so that we can offer our software packages tailored to their needs. The wide range of options related to order entry, reporting, production, purchasing and sales gives you many possibilities. For example, we offer tools that facilitate stock monitoring, reporting, planning and invoicing. The software can also be linked to accounting programmes such as AFAS, Snelstart and e-boekhouden.

    • Track and trace
    • Can be integrated with various accounting programmes
    • Tailored to your process
    • After-sales service
    • Always up-to-date
    • Insightful reports on your business

    Operating system software from DGS and TwaKa

    The automation and control of your process can be organised in three basic layers. TwaKa’s ERP software provides you with insights into the business control layer. In addition, you can optimise your processes with the MES and PLC software from DGS. Are you curious about the possibilities that the DGS and TwaKa software can offer your company? Please contact our specialists. They will provide you with sound, tailored advice.

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