Beef processing

At DGS we have years of experience in developing and producing customised solutions for cattle slaughtering. By actively helping to analyze your process, we collaborate closely with you to optimise your meat processing operations. Contribution to the bigger picture is what we are passionate about: we not only look at an efficient slaughtering process, but also at product logistics and warehousing. As a specialist in abattoir solutions, we can assure you of:

  • Efficient, tailor-made solutions
  • Extremely hygienic meat processing systems
  • Short lines of communication and sustainable cooperation

With our passion for, and experience in process optimisation, we  can assist you in identifying improvements within your process, such as solutions for lairage equipment, dirty and clean slaughter lines, chilling and deboning. After the slaughtering process, we also help you optimise processes surrounding internal logistics, packing systems, freezing systems, (de)palletising, warehousing, robotisation and accessories.

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    Solutions for beef processing

    We know more than anyone how important efficient processes are in bovine slaughter and processing. Smooth processes are the key to a high-quality end product and the highest possible yield per animal. We would be happy to sit down with you and see which processes in your abattoir can be improved, so that you save time, costs and unnecessary hard work for your employees.

    • Animal-friendly slaughter
    • Ergonomic work environment
    • High-quality meat



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