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DGS is known for the tailor-made solutions we offer to professionals in the food processing industry. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge in the meat processing industry, we’ve also developed our systems so that we now also specialize in other disciplines within the food industry, including processing meat substitutes. Among others, we develop process optimizations within internal logistics, (de)palletising, warehousing and more. We do this through automation with robot techniques and custom systems. Together with you, we look at how vegetarian products can be processed more efficiently – not only with regarding higher returns, but also a more ergonomic workplace for your operators.

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    Modular packing line

    Packaging products requires a high degree of speed, flexibility and accuracy. At DGS we understand your challenges and know how to translate them into an efficient solution that suits your products and operation. Together with you we map the current situation and look for possible improvements. Topics we try to identify regard gaining efficiency, ergonomics and flexibility within your operation.

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    Modular Packing Lines Dgs

    Efficient processing of vegetarian products

    We would gladly sit down with you to identify points of optimization in your processes. During the development of your optimisation issue, we guarantee:

    • A high quality end product
    • An ergonomic working environment
    • Short lines and a sustainable cooperation
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    Enough Food

    Enough-food chooses DGS for logistics

    In 2021, food tech company Enough started building the largest plant-based protein factory in the world.

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    Service by DGS

    Maintaining your machines and systems is crucial for a streamlined process. That is why we provide not only tailor-made systems, but also the proper service required. At DGS, we ensure that your systems are maintained properly and efficiently. Does a component need to be replaced or has an unexpected malfunction occurred? Then our specialists have the knowledge and skills to get your operations up and running again as soon as possible. In addition, our experts also offer remote assistance and will gladly draw up a maintenance plan together with you to avoid unforseen maintenance costs.

    • Maintenance and repairs
    • On-site and remote service
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