Cold and freezer storage at DGS

Proper cooling and freezing requires technical and in-depth knowledge about both the product that needs to be cooled or frozen, and the technique behind gradual freezing. We are experts in the automation of freezing and chilling in all environments. By keeping short lines of communication with you and our specialists, we ensure that your product is guaranteed the right cooling or freezing conditions.


Our racking solutions are suitable for all circumstances. Do you have a large warehouse for fixed pallet racks, large compartments or drive-in racking, or are you looking for a more compact solution with our mobile racks? These solutions can also be used in refrigerated storages and freezing storages.

Climate control

DGS always guarantees custom solutions. This is no different when designing your refrigeration and freezer storage. The conditions we create in your refrigerated or frozen storage entirely depend on your wishes and the needs of the product.

Eye for detail

In addition to the racks and software, we also set up your refrigerated or frozen storage with an eye to detail. We use suitable coatings to ensure that no leakage occurs on the products. We also ensure that the flooring surface does not lose its grip in the cold temperatures. Slipperiness can have dramatic consequences in these environments.

Personal advice

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    Optimal warehouse design

    A proper lay-out and storage of products is important for quality control and the efficiency of the flow of goods. Our storage systems are geared to, and optimised for your production process, so that the supply and removal of pallets, crates or cartons runs smoothly. Are you ready for an efficient warehouse? Contact our specialists.

    • Achieving the desired cooling/freezing process
    • Various storage options
    • Client-specific
    • Design based on specialist advice

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