DGS and Sealpac UK & Partners announce exclusive collaboration

Mar 8, 2023

DGS, an innovative packaging machinery manufacturer, and Sealpac UK & Partners, a leading provider of packaging solutions, have announced an exclusive collaboration to strengthen their positions in the market.

Both companies share the same values of passion, customer focus, creativity, and ambition. The collaboration aims to combine their expertise to provide the best possible solutions & service for their customers in the UK & Ireland.

DGS, based in the Netherlands, has a strong presence in the European market. With this collaboration, Sealpac UK & Partners can expand their product portfolio and offer their customers access to DGS’s advanced packaging machinery and robots. DGS, on the other hand, can benefit from Sealpac UK’s network and expertise in project advice, installation, training, maintenance, spare parts, and after-sales services. Together, the companies will be able to provide comprehensive solutions that address the entire packaging value chain.


“We are excited to announce this exclusive collaboration with Sealpac UK,” said Onno Lukkien, Sales Manager Material Handling of DGS. “Our companies share the same values, and we believe that by combining our strengths, we can offer our current and potential customers in the UK & Ireland even more value and innovative solutions.”


The collaboration is expected to lead to joint projects that will showcase the expertise of both companies. It will also provide opportunities for further collaboration in the future. The exclusive collaboration between DGS and Sealpac UK & Partners marks an important step forward for both companies and is expected to strengthen their positions in the market.


More info about Sealpac UK & Partners: SEALPAC UK – (sealpac-uk.com)

More info about DGS: About us | DGS (dgs-ps.com)

DGS & Sealpac UK
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