DGS Stunning Box: Improving Animal Welfare and Slaughtering Efficiency

Apr 13, 2023

With the focus on animal welfare, DGS’ stunning box sets a new standard for an efficient slaughter process within the meat processing industry. The stunning box is equipped with the latest technology which contributes positively to the animal’s state of mind and improves meat quality.

One of the major differences in the process is that the operator approaches the animal instead of pushing the animal towards the operator. This change results in a more calm process for both the animal and the operator. The stunning box has a spacious design that provides a lot of room for the operator to work comfortably. Moreover, the shooting head can be positioned in various ways to accommodate left, right, and front anesthesia administration.

“The new stunning box is a game-changer in the industry,” says Siep van Schepen, Sales Manager Meat Processing at DGS. “The focus on animal welfare not only benefits the animals but also results in better meat quality. Additionally, the design of the stunning box improves the efficiency of the process, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Proper stunning is crucial in the slaughter process, and with the right stunning cage, slaughter is taken to a higher level. The stunning box of DGS is therefore BSI approved, ensuring the highest level of animal-friendly, safety and quality in the equipment. By combining a practical lairage design that meets your needs, you can ensure efficient and animal-friendly slaughter. DGS is happy to advise you in lairage equipment.

In conclusion, the stunning box from DGS is a significant improvement in the industry’s efforts to prioritize animal welfare. The spacious design, various shooting head positions, BSI approval, and operator-friendly features make it a valuable investment for meat processing facilities.


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Verdoofkooi kalf DGS
Verdoofkooi kalf DGS

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