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Mar 18, 2022

Effective tracing of food products has become increasingly important within the food industry. Due to the current, complex supply chain, this also brings more challenges. Fortunately, we at DGS & TwaKa understand these challenges like no other and we have various solutions in-house so that your company can also trace effectively.
But why is tracing food products so important? What should a tracking system contain to work efficiently? And how can this be implemented within your company? In this article we answer all these questions.

Tracking food products

Tracing food is something we hear more and more. But what does this actually mean? In simple words, it is the ability to track and trace food at every stage of the supply chain. From the arrival of the product to the stage where it is on the consumer’s plate.
For food products, this means that you can record all raw materials and destinations of each product through a reliable process. You can track the movements of each product, both forward and backward. This will give you access to the following information:
– What you received, what was done with it and what was delivered
– Which raw materials were used to produce the final product
– Which end products are made from the raw materials
– What went wrong, in case of a problem
When a problem has arisen with a product, it can be easily traced. This also means that the problem can often be solved quickly. The sooner the problem is found, the faster a solution can be found. Therefore, it is extremely important that the tracking software can do this in a jiffy. After all, time is money!

Why is tracking so important?

Ensuring that your products are clean and safe to consume is the biggest responsibility of a food manufacturer. However, this is not an easy task, as the journey from farm to fork is very long and complex. Physical, biological and chemical food contaminants can occur at almost every step. Traceability is therefore essential to create confidence in the quality, safety and origin of your products. It is a tool used to closely monitor safety and quality processes within production.
Quality and safety issues can mean anything. From food that tastes bad to serious dangers such as foodborne diseases.
Traceability plays a major role in preventing or minimizing these problems. Using our advanced software system TwaKa, you can quickly identify such problems, allowing you to act quickly and decisively to protect the consumer. With TwaKa food software we can also comply with the legal obligation to have full track and trace data available within 4 hours.

Protecting and enhancing your company’s reputation

In addition to guaranteeing quality and safety, it is also important to protect your company’s reputation. Tracing plays an important role in this. Recalls and consumer complaints can seriously damage your company’s reputation and result in hefty fines. Especially now, in the time where Social media plays a major role, bad publicity is spread even faster.
Fortunately, having the right traceability software provides excellent protection for this. With real-time data and alerts, you’re much more likely to spot problems early so they don’t grow into large-scale problems. Furthermore, traceabilityt also offers transparency, which builds consumer trust. You can show the consumer where their food comes from, how it is made and whether it has been ethically sourced on, for example, the packaging of the product.

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Comply with food standards and regulations

Operating in the food industry means navigating and complying with a complex web of food safety regulations. Agencies such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) require food production companies to provide detailed information about every step of their supply chain.
To complicate matters further, in a global marketplace, you must comply not only with local laws, but also with the laws of all other states and countries in your supply chain. The good news is that Twaka Food software can greatly simplify this process.

Effective inventory management

Tracking is crucial for effectively managing your raw materials, time and storage space. Especially with perishable products, you need to know exactly where each product in your process comes from, where it is at the moment, what the quantity is and each expiration date. With this information you can sell the products at the right time. This helps prevent food spoilage that can lead to waste, or worse, contamination. Using tracking effectively maximizes your efficiency, sustainability and profit.

What should you pay attention to in a food traceability system?

Investing in food tracking software can have huge benefits for your business, but it’s important to choose wisely. So, what features should you look for?
For starters, your software must be able to collect and store all the necessary information, for example:
– Contact details of all your suppliers, customers and third-party sellers
– Data of purchases and sales and process transactions
– Batch or batch identification, even individual product tracking is requested
– Information on the origin of the products, quantities, best before dates, etc.
However, it is not enough just to store data. Your food traceability system should also provide real-time data-based insights and alerts in a clear, easy-to-use interface, so you can predict, detect and address issues as quickly as they arise.

TwaKa Food Software – from Farmer to Fork

TwaKa Food Software has been developing software for the livestock and food industry since 2004. With the advanced software, all processes are supported throughout the entire chain, with the full emphasis on tracking and tracing. TwaKa traces, reports, analyzes and stores all data that is relevant to your process. Tracing is not only possible on a batch level, but also individually. The TwaKa package also provides insights into returns because we always record at the lowest level. This means that we have insight into every step.
More information about TwaKa Food Software? Visit the website now for more information!

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