DGS carton freezing solutions

Freezing products is a challenge faced by many companies in the food processing industry. DGS offers solutions that can freeze your boxed products completely automatically. Using elevators, the cartons are lifted to the height of a freezing compartment that is currently available, after which the cartons are pushed from the elevator into the freezer using sliding or pushing systems.

Once in the freezer compartment, the cartons are in direct contact with the plate freezer. This, together with the cold air which is blown over the cartons and between cartons, ensures that the cartons are cooled rapidly and efficiently. The techniques used by DGS halve the freezing time of ‘standard’ solutions. In addition, this method ensures that the cartons reach the same temperature simultaneously. When the products have been chilled sufficiently, they are removed from the rack by another automatic elevator at the other end of the rack.

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