DGS continues to grow and expands the premises

Jun 15, 2022

Two years after the construction of the new premises, DGS continues to expand. Through the efforts of the team and the trust of our partners we have been able to realise our growth ambitions. The building at Bouwstraat 15 will therefore serve as an addition to the current premises. In this way, we at DGS can serve our clients even better and continue to develop ourselves.

The tender for the new building has been completed and the aim is to be operational there in early 2023.  The building will house a new production area to complement the current one. The building at Bouwstraat 15 has 2,800 m2 available which offers many possibilities. DGS also owns the land around it, which provides opportunities for the future.

Besides the expansion of the company premises, DGS has also expanded its market considerably in recent years. Next to Meat Processing and Material Handling we now also offer solutions within the software industry. Since January 2022 we have taken over food software company Twaka with the aim to let the customer work even more efficiently and to offer solutions in (almost) all areas within food processing”, says Dennis Grolleman.

Besides expanding the product groups, the various sectors have also increased. Where the focus of DGS was first on the meat processing industry, many more markets are now being served such as fish, vegetables, fruit, convenience, pet food and veg. Onno Lukkien: ‘At DGS we see that we can do much more. Our machines and systems have proven to be efficient and versatile. The solutions are not limited to the meat industry, but offer possibilities for many more sectors’. DGS also moves with the times and follows developments in the market closely: ‘Through automation and the use of robotics, we are able to achieve a high degree of efficiency and flexibility. We like to be ahead of the market when it comes to innovation and we put a lot of time into this.”

In addition, the software solutions of Twaka offer several opportunities within the food industry: “With the TwaKa software you have all the information you need. The reports are based on years of experience and can even be customized. In addition, TwaKa offers tracking within the entire food chain, which can be used to determine returns. says Alex ten Vreede, TwaKa business unit manager.

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Dennis Grolleman

Dennis Grolleman

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