DGS increases production with crate logistics

Jan 19, 2023

The Dutch Vegetable processing company Tuinderij Vers expanded in 2022 with the installation of an additional production line. This simultaneously created the demand for a modification of the logistical transport system. DGS was the designated partner for the project.

Thijs Waanders, Sales Manager: ‘We have extended the existing system to the extent that filled crates are now also transported to the new line. At the line itself, the crates are automatically tilted and emptied into a hopper above the vibrating chute which distributes the product evenly to the multi weigher. The empty crates are then further transported to the crate washer, where the crates are cleaned.’

Besides the supply of crates to the new line, two pushers in the current system were a bottleneck. These were very outdated and no longer functioned optimally, leading to a delay in the entire process. The old pushers were replaced by DGS pushers with the result that significantly more crates can be processed per hour. Partly due to DGS’ efficient systems, Tuinderij Vers’ production has been boosted so much that capacity has almost doubled.

krattenlogistiek DGS
tuinderij vers Krattenlogistiek
tuinderij vers Krattenlogistiek
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