Goldschmaus Group shows confidence in DGS as a partner

Aug 12, 2022

In the context of the operational growth of the Goldschmaus Group and the desire to use energy more efficiently, it was decided to build new cold stores for pig carcasses. In concrete terms, it is an automated cold store with the latest technology for 10,000 pigs on the Garrel site. Very good experiences have already been gained with DGS at the Oldenburg location within the Goldschmaus Group. The collaboration is so positive that it was decided to build this new cold store as a partnership.

On June 16, General Manager Dennis Burke shook hands with Henk ter Avest (sales primary meat processing/company owner) and the project was confirmed, with a view to a growing, long-term collaboration. Dennis Burke appreciates the solution from one source: “The project is carried out by DGS in-house, for the mechanical parts as well as for the complete automation and visualization. DGS thus fulfills its function as a full-service provider.” Henk ter Avest: “This new assignment is the continuation of successful projects with the Goldschmaus Group. We are grateful for the trust placed in DGS and will deliver what we stand for: quality, efficiency, good communication and excellent service.”

Dach Gruppe
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