Robotic palletising

Efficiency and hygiene are crucial within the food processing industry. It ensures a quick turnaround time, increased production and a cleaner process with respective quality products. Efficiency and hygiene are equally as important when palletising plate frozen blocks.


We can saw, layer and palletise frozen blocks fully automatically. Starting at the plate freezer, the large blocks are automatically dropped onto the block table using a crane, ready to be sawn. Here the blocks are singled and presented to the saw to be sawn to the desired format. After this, the blocks are singled out and presented to the robot line for the next step in the line.

Horizontal flowpacker

After the singeing process we can wrap the blocks individually in film using the horizontal flowpacker.

Film unit

By means of our film dispenser we can place foil intermediately between any desired pallet layer. Our foil unit moves along with the height of the pallet and knows the right format to cut off. The end effector of the palletising unit has the combined functionality for both palletising two frozen blocks in one swoop and placing the film between layers.

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    Automatic, hygienic and efficient

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    • FTE-saving
    • Hygienic
    • Automation by means of robotics
    • Efficient
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